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Monday, November 17, 2008

[MLM Tips] MLM Tips... and MORE MLM Tips,

Never CHASE a Prospect. You are not a dog. You MUST develop the Leadership Mindset in Network Marketing Recruiting. People do not follow companies, products or compensation plans.

People follow PEOPLE with STRENGTH and LEADERSHIP. If you are chasing the prospect, you are displaying weakness, don't be a wussy. MLM Leaders give the prospect enough time to start moving towards them-- usually 10-14 days- and after that, they keep in touch regularly, but move on.

For more information on this, Become a MLM Leader.

When using the telephone, make sure that you are more animated than normal. It will display energy, and magnetism.

The telephone is a great communication tool, but it will never replace face to face interaction. Let people FEEL your words, and make sure that you come across as confident and someone that is going places, and taking people with you. People LOVE the emotion and will be excited if you are, and will want to FOLLOW you to join you in your success.

The prospect is thinking one thing: How will this ENLARGE my Lifestyle?

Most people in life, are looking to Enlarge their income. ALL people are looking to Enlarge their lifestyle. Find out what kind they want. "Tell me about the kind of lifestyle you have often dreamed of..." Get to the root of it, what truly motivates them and what they've always wanted to do that you can help them solve.

Make sure that there are NO distractions when you are talking to the prospect about your Network Marketing Home Business.

Remember this: If the prospect is distracted, they are not focused on your message. "Would you like to wait a couple of minutes before I go on?" If the distractions continue, make another appointment.

Use several testimonials during your MLM Recruiting talk. They bring life to your message.

If you do not yet have a testimonial, borrow your sponsor's. Find out three really HOT testimonials as far as the business, and share them with your prospect to emotionally connect to your message. Find people who's lives have changed from the products or services provided by your company. Get them to write down a short little testimonial for you, a lot of the time this will also help you with the person writing the testimonial because they will remember how much you've helped them through and they will bring you more referrals! ;-)

Use the phrase' If this is right for you' during your talk. It will draw them towards you psychologically.

"And this company has such a great track record to set a new person as well as you at ease when they come into the business...of course, only if this is right for you."

Christopher Aaron Hughes

Friday, November 14, 2008

[MLM Tips] More Tips to Success in MLM

MLM Tips

It is not about the Hype, but about the HOPE!

Many MLM distributors try to HYPE people into joining,. and it is NOT about hype. If you try to sign someone up mainly on HYPE, you'll need to do it again the next month to make sure they get their order in. What it'ss all about is HOPE. Hope for a better future, hope for more money, hope for an ENLARGED Lifestyle, a change of pace and LIFE. . People will be MAGNETIZED to Hope, but turned off by hype. Hype comes from the head, and hope comes from the HEART in MLM and Network Marketing. Market the HOPE, and see your recruiting start to take off.

"When you are giving a presentation, BE IN the presentation, not AT the presentation."

The most important thing for your prospect is WHO gives the presentation, people join people and NOT opportunities, opportunities are everywhere. You as a person are special. When you present, make sure that you are not just at the presentation. So many people present their products and they are on "automatic pilot." BE IN the presentation, with emotion, conviction, and energy. Show that you CARE and are EXCITED. There is nothing worse than sitting in a presentation and not feeling it from the distributor, its boring.

Let the prospect ask the questions, but only at the right time.

So many prospects have so many questions, and they all will pull you off track of your home business presentation. When a prospect has a question, simply say, "Thank you for asking that....I would love to answer it, and will answer all your questions in a just a second...and it goes to show you are thinking!"!"

Be focused. Be THERE, and not somewhere else in your mind.

People can tell if you are going through the motions, and not really into what you are saying. If something is bothering you during the day, ask one of your business partners to give the presentation. OR practice either yoga or meditation and clear your mind and free your emotions before you give the presentation.

Three must remember rules in MLM Recruiting:
-Be There.
-Be Present.
-Be With the Person.

Ask a question every minute or so. Keep Drawing Them into Your MLM Recruiting Conversation. Find out what interests them and share more of what they are looking for.

Questions are the Magnet. Keep asking them. "Are you with me?" "Am I making sense?" "Do you see what I am talking about?" "What would happen to your life if that happens?" "How would this impact your family?" "Could you see yourself doing that?"

These types of questions are GREAT and are a must to make sure that you and your prospect are on the same page.

Monday, November 3, 2008

[MLM Tips] Effective Listening

Effective listening is one of the most important things you can learn to do if you expect to be successful in your mlm or network marketing business.

To become an effective listener, you must follow these practical steps

- Tolerate silence. Listeners who rush to fill momentary silences cease being listeners.
-Ask stimulating, open-ended questions, ones that require more than merely a yes-or-no answer.
-Encourage the speaker with attentive eye contact, alert posture, and verbal encourager's such as "umhum", "yes", and "I see". Occasionally repeating the speaker's last few words also helps.
-Paraphrase. Periodically restate in your own words what you have just heard.
-Show emotion to demonstrate that you are a sympathetic listener.
-Know your biases and prejudices and attempt to correct for them.
-Avoid premature judgments about what is being said
-Summarize. Briefly highlight what the speaker has just finished saying to bring out possible misunderstandings.

Remember that we have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason!

The human has an average rate of speaking of only about 125 words per minute
The human mind can listen to about 400 to 600 words per minute.

Try to keep yourself focused and you'll find that you become a more alert listener and pick up more than you would have previously.

Also, remember that this is a RELATIONSHIP business and that LISTENING can lead you to uncovering what your downline/new business partners goals truly are and you'll be more able to help your team achieve their goals if you can listen and relate to them!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creativity- One of Your Greatest Assets

Creativity is a blend of Knowledge, Imagination and Evaluation working together to "create" a new idea.

So how can you get more creative?

1) increase knowledge
-greater knowledge means that you'll get more ideas and more patterns will be created, new combinations and fresher ideas.

2) increase imagination
-think in pictures more
-pay attention to creativity
-different situations and surroundings
-play games that exercise creative imagination

3) Evaluation
-Evaluate your idea, decide whether you can do it yet or not
-brainstorm potential ways of doing your idea
-if its something you think will work, DO IT

There are many mental locks in learning to be more creative, but by becoming aware of them, you can in turn learn to be more creative!
1) Looking for the "right" answer. Depending on your perspective, a given problem can have many "right" answers.
2) Always trying to be logical. Logic doesn't always prevail, since human emotions and organizational inconsistencies, ambiguity and contradictions come up.
3) Strictly following the rules. If things are going to get better, you need to get right of arbitrary limits on thinking and behavior.
4) Insisting on being practical. Impractical answers to "what-if" questions can become stepping stones to creative insights.
5) Avoiding ambiguity. Creativity can be stunted by too much objectivity and/or specificity.
6) Fearing and avoiding failure. Fear of failure can be a paralyzing factor and prohibits us from acting on good ideas. Learn from your mistakes! Make mistakes, its okay, you can learn from them.
7) Forgetting how to play. I love this one because playing is what we were born to do, as children we were always happy "playing" so don't be ashamed to have fun like you were a child!
8) Becoming too specialized. A lot of knowledge helps you with finding answers, learn about a lot!
9) Not wanting to look foolish. Humor releases tension and unlocks creative energies. Foolish questions enhance understanding.
10) Saying "I'm not creative". You should have the mindset of "I am creative" since we all know that what you think about comes about.

By conquering these "mental locks", you'll be able to be happier and more creative!

Chris Hughes

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goal Setting - Planning and Strategy

What is Goal Setting?

I decided that I never really had a good definition for goal setting, so I went out and "googled it" and found a really good definition.

Goal Setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn this vision of the future into reality.

The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. You'll also quickly spot the distractions that would otherwise lure you from your course.

Thank you to MindTools for this explanation! You can find out more at,

So, How would you go about setting the goals and what would you do upon finding your goals?

You wouldn't just leave them on that piece of paper would you? I tried that, it doesn't work ;-) You must take ACTION!

What needs to happen can be explained in 2 easy steps.
1) Plan
2) Strategy

Step 1) The Planning phase.

-take the time to sit down and develop a plan, find a final destination and other short-term goals
-Inadequate planning and control is the leading cause of lost productivity in most businesses
-Planning GETS THINGS GOING. It provides you with a direction to aim and a target to hit

You must be AWARE of your "big picture" and keep this in mind daily.

Step 2) The Strategy phase

-slow down
-have clear priorities and take strategic view of daily problems
-set up short-term goals(30-60 days)
-set up intermediate goals (3-10 months)
-set up long-term goals (2-5 years)
-develop a "plan of attack"

Strategic Plans, The success of organizations today require that every employee, on a daily basis, considers the "big picture" and thinks strategically about gaining and keeping a competitive edge.

In general, there are 4 steps to approaching Goal Setting and Achieving your Goals. If you can master these, you can master your business.

1- Formulate Plans
2- Carry Out Plans
3- Compare Preliminary & Final Results With Plans
4- Take Corrective Action

After going through the steps, you improve and re-do, going back to step 1 and trying to improve upon the final goal.

One of the biggest problems today is the "Busyness Trap"
You do not want to confuse being "busy" with being effective and efficient, we all know that RESULTS do matter. Results are the reason we are doing the things we do. If we didn't want results, we wouldn't be taking action.

Remember that activities and speed without results are an energy-sapping waste of time.

Slow down, have clear priorities and take strategic view of the daily problems.

Friday, September 5, 2008

[MLM Tips] Tips For Picking A MLM Part 2

Tips 6-10 on Choosing your MLM.

Here's my second video and some further tips.

The 6th tip I mention is to realize that you are starting your own home business.
Regardless of anything that anyone may be telling you, even if the only reason that you had signed up with the company was to get a discount, there are business and tax ramifications to joining any direct sales company. The recruiter should be able to let your know of the possible financial impact of starting your own business. Be sure to find out what you are getting in your distributor starter pack and what you'll be getting in return for your initial sign-up fee. What you should be looking for in this starter kit should be everything you need to last your first month in business, including order forms, product samples, training guide, your monthly products to us, and anything else thats necessary to be successful in your new business.

The 7th tip mentioned was to check out the Company History.
Make sure that your company provides you with professional sales aid materials that are reasonably priced---some MLM's make tons of profits selling just brochures and/or other sales literature, and you don't want to spend too much to start. A good company will provide online copies of sales materials that you can print at home as well as the option to have them sent to you pre-printed for a nominal fee. Find out about the company's financial backing and the corporate officers. Look up their histories and also check with the Direct Selling Association to find out if the company is registered there. The members of the DSA are held to strict codes of conduct regarding enlisting new team members. You'll need to understand/know how the company keeps track of all the incoming orders and when and how you'll be paid.

8th tip, You will need to devote time to this
If you don't think you have the time for this industry, you usually are right. Although you may be spending a lot of hours doing un-productive things in your daily life ( tv, internet browsing, watching movies). You can become successful in this business with as little as 7-10 hours per week. Some people work 7 hours per week/1 hr per day to start. Eventually all of this time will really start to pay off and you may even be able to over-take the income in your (JOB).

9th Tip How are you going to market this?
Face it, we're in the marketing business. We do not "sell" or force people to buy. You merely are sharing information that is beneficial to others and they choose whether or not to make the purchase... many MLMS offer 30 day 100% money back so that if the person doesn't notice, they can get their money back.
Hoe are you going to share this with others though, face-to-face, maybe door-to-door, meetings at your home, meetings at hotels, online marketing, there are tons of ways to share these great products with people. The team you choose should have a system in place that they can plug you into and you just do the steps that are designated.

10th tip is to find the different bonuses you can get paid for.
You'll want to be able to get a bonus for monthly sales goals, leadership bonuses, You will not be making as much as the top leaders who have been doing it for years make if you are just starting out, it isn't a "get rich quick scheme". It is building a business and gradually increasing your income. You'll want to find at least 4 ways to get paid from the company if not more. Some companies even offer 5 ways to get paid! For more information on this click here and enter ZS05490 to learn about getting paid 5 ways.

I hope that these posts are helping you with choosing your business.

-Chris Hughes